SamuraiVerse is a decentralized NFT collection series and a play-to-earn game that utilizes SamuraiVerse NFT collections.

By owning a SamuraiVerse NFT collectibles, you can participate in creating game theory, shaping story narritive, fight side by side against other kingdoms and so much more.


Collect one of our NFTs and be one of us! Enjoy the privileges of being a part of the Samuraiverse. Free airdrop from our future collections, whitelist spots from other legit    Solana projects, a ticket to our game, award winning tournaments, vote on DAO and many more.


Fight with your clan against other kingdoms or make solo/duo combats on our arena. Fight shoulder to shoulder, defend your land and help your clan to grow. Be the strongest, kill the most, survive the longest and dominate!


Earn Samurai Token and NFT rewards by winning clan wars or arena combats. Conquer lands and collect taxes. Upgrade your samurai and sell them on our marketplace.


A total of 5555 samurai from Shimadzu, Minamoto, Taira, Ouchi, Imagawa and Takeda clans lived, ruled and grew together in the little Shikoku island with harmony. There was some disagreement between the clans and blood was shed between some families. But the clans never fought.

It’s human nature. Some shoguns wanted to be the strongest, be the one who rules and owns. On the way to power, there is no room for honor and mercy. Behind the closed doors, some shoguns made the plans of betrayal and started to wait for the right moment to take action.


Then everything changed when the Mongols attacked. Faced with extinction, the clans came together despite all their disagreements and defended their homes against the common enemy, the Mongols. Although they were badly wounded, they managed to push back the enemy.

While the euphoria of victory continues, five clans take advantage of the chaos. They came together and set in motion their plan of treason against the most powerful clan, Shimadzu. On 14 May 1441, The Shimadzu clan was easily destroyed by the betrayal of their allies.


The wife of the shogun of Shimadzu, was a very talented shaman and survived the betrayal. Saddened by the loss of the love of her life and her desire for revenge, she brought her husband back to life with black magic forbidden by the gods.

But there was a curse. The whole army, along with its generals, came back to life as ghosts. Without any knowledge of the other clans, they prepared for one last battle. And the story begin here…

I am experienced in project management, business development, team building and more. I am dedicated to success of the SamuraiVerse, its collectibles and games, more than anything. My main goal is to create a big and quality community that supports eachother.

I am an NFT artist who loves to create unique and quality works for projects. I also like to design characters and environments for games. I have been always interested in the Samurai culture so I am more than happy for working on SamuraiVerse.

I am an experienced smart contract developer. I have been working for NFT ecosystem for a while. I coded or helped many project to safely launch. I really adore Southern Asia so I am very happy to work for a project that contains Japanese Culture in it.